Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Special Celebrity Endorsement and Entertainment

As you can see, I'm wearing my "attract the youth and black vote threads". I's even talking wit da ebonics. Yo's sees dat I'ma wearin' my shades an' I's got da bling blings.

Now we is gonna be sungs to by dat quintesential rapper 'Mastah Felon'. And da backup singers is the wunnerful 'Ebeneezer Evangelical New Christy Minstral Non Denominational Gospel Choir.'
(this should amuse those dolts)

Now he's da man ,
Cuz he gotta plan,
McCain be so old,
Dat he almost cold,
De udder guy,
Got caught in a lie.

(chorus by the choir)

Hail the Saviour,
Long may he reign,
With him there's no strife,
Let him run for life.

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